The first 100 years………

This site is intended to help preserve the heritage of Sturmey-Archer and to record the various components produced during the 20th century. It also includes service manuals for old product and much ancient advertising.

Frank Bowden purchased a bicycle company initially located in Raleigh Street, Nottingham, England. His engineers worked with patents from Henry Sturmey and James Archer resulting in the first Sturmey-Archer 3-speed bicycle gear hub in 1902. This is all described in much more detail in “The Sturmey-Archer Story”, a 1987 book by Tony Hadland. This site is intended to be a more pictorial history.

The site has grown as friends from around the world, have contributed more and more ancient images. To help with navigating the site we have added filters below, which enable short-cuts to be taken to the information required.

The site is dedicated to all employees who helped make Sturmey-Archer a world renowned supplier of high quality cycle components.

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