1945 Type GH6 6 volt ,2 watt front Dynohub    
    Type FW 4-speed wide ratio hub    
    Spare parts list for type K and A hubs    
    Type FW 4-speed hub manual    
  1946 Type ASC 3-speed close ratio fixed gear hub    
    Type AG 3-speed 6 volt Dynohub    
    Type FC close ratio 4-speed hub    
  1947 Catalogue page.    
    Long lever trigger    
  1948 Type FG 4-speed 6 volt Dynohub    
    Type AC 3-speed very close ratio hub    
    Parts-lists including tools.    
  1949 Type FB 4-speed drum brake hub    
    Sales/service dealer book    
    Trigger for type ASC fixed hub    
    French Belgium hub and spares catalogue    
  1950 Service spares cabinet leaflet.    
    All the advantages, local newspaper advertisement    
    Less tax on your energy , local advertisement    
    AW hub retail sale carton    
    French language service manual    
    Melbourne Australia Sporting Globe advertisements    
  1951 Dynohub Dry battery unit.Switch-on stand-by lighting power source    
    Dynohub Filter Switch Unit.Power source cutting in at low speeds    
    Service manual    
    Spare Parts List.    
    Raleigh dynohub history.    
    Norway fishing/bikes catalogue    
  1952 Type TCW tri-coaster brake hub    
    Type BF/C - BR/C mark II drum brake hubs    
    Trade parts list book    
    Dry Battery Unit.    
  1953 Geared for easy cycling,ratios.    
  1954 Type SW 3-speed hub    
    Service manual for TCW hub – Norway    
    FW 4-speed hub manual    
    GH6 Dynohub manual    
    SW 3-speed hub manual    
  1955 Dynohub service information    
    Hub shell oiler    
  1956 Dutch language trade catalogue.    
    Single freewheel.    
  1958 Sections from Master Catalogue - complete book is 135 pages    
    AW drive train images – Dutch.    
    Norwegian girl SW poster    
    GH6 dynohub exploded view    
  1959 Consumer hub manuals    
  1960 Service manual for hubs, drum brakes and dynohubs    
    Raleigh/Sturmey-Archer wheelbuilding    
  1961 TCW mark 3 hub until 1972.    
  1963 Type SC single coaster brake hub    
    Twistgrip gear control service notes    
  1965 USA distributor catalogue cover    
    Auto twistgrip service notes    
  1966 Type S5 5-speed hub with bell-crank indicator on left side.    
    Sportshift/Twinshift gear controls for Hi-Rise bikes.    
    Type S2 wide ratio 2-speed hub.    
    5-speed hub dual lever control    
    "Woody" twinshift gear control    
    Illustrated spare parts list    
    Type S5 hub maintenance instructions    
  1967 Type S3B 3-speed hub with 55mm diameter drum brake    
  1968 Type 70A,70B,70D and Chopper sportshift gear controls    
  1969 5-speed shifter for Raleigh Chopper model    
    Schwinn USA type AW and clones exploded view    
  1970 Type S3C tri-coaster brake hub    
    Indicator couplings from 1940    
  1971 Sturmey-Archer sections of Raleigh Industries catalogue    
    Workshop Data section of catalogue    
    Hubs, Rims, & Spares trade pricelist    
  1972 Type AW 3-speed hub manual    
  1973 Scientific American cross-section hub drawings    
  1976 Suntour hub made by Sturmey-Archer.    
  1977 Type S5/1 5-speed with indicator chain ,left.    
    Type SBF 70mm diameter, front drum brake hub.    
    Type S5/1 hub “ fully enclosed” brochure.    
  1978 Type SBR 70mm rear drum brake hub.    
    Type SAB 3-speed 70mm drum brake hub.    
    SBF/SBR/SAB sales leaflets    
    Gear controls and fittings leaflet.    
    Type SC1 single coaster brake hub    
    Type SCC single coaster brake hub    
    3-language 5-speed maintenance leaflet    
  1980 Product catalogue including headsets,pedals,bottom brackets.    
    Type ABC and AW hub wall posters    
  1981 Type S5/2 hub manual    
  1982 4 versions of Trigger logo.    
  1983 Type S5/2A 5-speed alloy hub    
    Type AW/A 3-speed alloy hub.    
    5-speed single lever, two cable shifter leaflet    
    Type SBF/SAB/SBR hub brake manual    
  1984 Type VT alloy front 70mm drum brake hub with sealed bearings    
    Type ST alloy rear 70mm drum brake hub with sealed bearings    
    Type AT3 alloy 3-speed 70mm diameter drum brake hub    
    Historical product listing by former SA Technical Director    
  1985 Type AT5 alloy 5-speed 70mm drum brake hub.    
    Type GBF front 90mm drum brake hub with sealed bearings.    
    Product range catalogue    
    Photo exploded view of AW hub    
  1986 5-speed gear lever controls    
  1987 Type Steelite SBF 70mm steel front drum brake hub.    
    Type Steelite SBR 70mm rear drum brake hub.    
    Type Steelite SAB 70mm 3-speed drum brake hub.    
  1988 Type AWC 3-speed coaster brake hub with brass brake    
  1989 Indicator coupling chart by hub type    
  1990 Thumbshifter/Push-button gear controls    
    Factory drawings of 3 hub components    
  1991 Type 5-Star NIG 5-speed hub    
    Type 5-Star NIG 5-speed drum brake hub    
    Dutch drum brake drivetrain poster    
  1992 Factory drawings    
  1993 Sprinter S5 hub with single gear cable    
    Sprinter AT5 drum brake hub with single gear cable    
    Elite AT3 hub- exploded    
  1994 Sprinter S5C 5-speed coaster brake hub with single cable.    
  1996 Hub range brochure    
    Gear controls and fittings brochure - French    
  1997 Type S7 7-speed hub    
    Type AT7 7-speed drum brake hub.    
    Type S7C 7-speed coaster brake hub    
    Type BRC 90mm drum brake hub for multiple freewheel    
    Orion push-button 3 and 5-speed gear controls.    
    Twistgrip gear controls. 3,5 and 7-speed    
  1998 Type SAB-5 Steelite 5-speed drum brake hub    
    Jim Gills papers    
  1999 Type AB5 steel 5-speed 90mm drum brake hub    
    X-FD,X-RD,X-RD3,X-RD5,X-RD7. ( New-look vt,st,at3,at5,at7)    
    Technical Information Leaflet X-FD/X-RD    
    Technical Information Leaflet X-RD3    
    Technical Information Leaflet X-RD5    
    Technical Information Leaflet X-RD7    
  2002 The Aw hub is changed to no-inbetween-gear    
  2003 New brake and locknuts for coaster brake hub    
    3 and 5-speed hubs in alu hub shells    
  2004 8-speed hub introduced    
    2004 8-speed advertisement    
  2005 Type SX cruiser oversize bike hub    
    Type X-FDD 2.4 and 3.0w dynohubs    
    Rotary selector 3-speed hubs introduced    
  2006 Type FCS alloy single crankset range    
    Type TS hubs for tricycles    
    Type X-RDC drum brake for 9-speed cassette    
    FCS range of single cranksets    
    QS 3-speed trike hub with reverse gear    
    Type SD stub axle drum brake hubs    
  2007 BLS80 brake levers    
  2008 Brompton type BWR hub    
    S80 wide ratio 8-speed hub    
    S5C(w) 5-speed hub with coaster brake    
  2009 CTS range of chain adjusters    
    Brompton BSR hub    
  2010 S2/S2C duomatic 2-speed hubs introduced    

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