1946 Dyno-luxe back-up accumulator unit, for when dynamo not operating.    
    Sales leaflet-introduction of alloy hub shell.    
  1947 Record breakers leaflet.    
  1948 Raligram house magazine including Sturmey-Archer factory views.    
    4-speed hub leaflet    
    BSA 3-speed hub catalogue    
  1949 Product range including FB/C hub.    
    UK distribution depots.    
    Too high income tax article - nothing has changed    
  1950 Raleigh Industries corporate brochure    
    Retail pricelist.    
    Service information letter    
    Service spares kit    
    4-speed triggers.    
  1951 Product range poster    
  1952 "50 Years of Leadership" book. ( 16 pages )    
    Humber bike catalogue advertisement.    
  1953 German language trade catalogue    
  1954 New factory    
    AW hub clones.    
    Dynohub leaflet    
  1955 Sturmey-Archer Holland opens in Nassaukade 387,Amsterdam.    
    Dutch language leaflet including factory views    
    Amsterdam RAI exhibition stand    
    Article from"Cycling" on type TCW hub.    
  1956 BSA(Sturmey-Archer type X) hub made under licence 1908-1956    
    Fongers bike with S-A.    
  1957 Dutch wholesale/ retail/consumer prices for hubs    
    Delivery vehicles in Brussels,Belgium    
    Trade leaflet - French language    
    Retail pricelist.    
    Trade pricelist.    
    Official opening of new factory by Field Marshal Montgomery    
  1959 Pricelist for hubs in England    
    In May, Brooks saddles became a sister company.    
    Sales leaflet Norway.    
    State Safety advice    
    Spare parts packaging 1950-70    
  1960 Tube Investments buys Sturmey-Archer .    
    Phillips Cycle components is now a sister company .    
    RAI exhibition stand, Amsterdam    
    Trigger levers from 1938 by Martin Hanczyc    
    English Poet Laureate mentions Sturmey-Archer.    
    Factory hub assembly area.    
    Structure of Raleigh Industries holding    
  1961 Twistgrip 3-speed gear control    
    Sturmey-Archer letterhead    
  1962 Moulton with FC 11T 4-speed, breaks London-Cardiff record.    
  1964 Trade leaflet - UK    
  1965 Oilcan.    
  1967 5-speed introduction leaflet    
  1969 Pricelist for Sturmey-Archer brand rims    
    Power Point trade leaflet    
    35,000 miles on an AW hub.    
  1970 Front and rear lights    
    Sliced 3-speed hub for display.    
    Chopper bike with Sportshift.    
  1971 Childrens sales brochure    
  1973 Patent for single-cable 7-speed hub, 15 December.    
  1974 Wickmans Lathes brochure    
  1975 Sturmey-Archer" family" display made from hub components    
    Authorised dealer certificate.    
  1977 S5/1 sales information leaflet - 3 languages    
    SBF sales leaflet.    
    Multiple freewheel sales leaflet - product was never produced!    
    Press release 75 year anniversary    
    Raleigh Europe meeting with Sturmey-Archer managers on the back row    
  1980 Unit hub production from 1902    
    The 2 millionth hub made in 1980 is received by Alan Clarke.    
    Sachs 3-speed shifters.    
  1981 Cyclo conversion gear    
  1982 AB/C hub for display    
  1983 Labyrinth seal on brake plates .AB/C - BF/C    
  1984 Type AW( No Inbetween Gear) for Columbia U.S.A..    
    Hub display AT3    
    Elite aluminiun alloy drum brake hubs - Dutch language sales leaflet    
    Type XAG prototype 3-speed dynohub - never produced    
    XAG sales leaflet for IFMA Cologne exhibition    
    Win a holiday in Sri Lanka competition leaflet - Dutch language    
    Cut-away hubs for display    
  1985 Sturmey-Archer is seperated out of Raleigh Industries.    
    Vektar gear/electrics controls and brake levers    
    Itera plastic bike with 3-speed.    
  1986 Factory photographs    
    Skin-packed and other aftermarket parts    
  1987 The Sturmey-Archer Story by Tony Hadland, is published    
  1988 Hub display type AWC    
  1989 No Inbetween Gear system - in AT3 hub    
    No Inbetween Gear system - in SAB hub    
    No Inbetween Gear system - in AB/C hub    
    New lubrication system in gear hubs - oiler removed from hubshell    
  1990 Stand at RAI exhibition Amsterdam    
  1991 Steel brake segments in AWC tri-coaster brake hub    
  1993 Cantilever pinions in AT3,SAB,AB hubs    
    Stanza 3-speed gear control leaflet    
  1994 Hub display type S5C    
    Factory Assembly lines    
  1995 RAI exhibition stand,Amsterdam    
  1998 Ball-lock system in 7-speed. 3D drawing    
    Shifters overview.    
  1999 RAI exhibition stand,Amsterdam    
    Street names in the Netherlands.    
  2000 Final production in Nottingham factory september 2000.    
  2001 New factory in Taiwan    
    The factory was demolished and university lecture halls were built    
    Factory art    
  2020 Alan Clarke retires    

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